Moving Tips

• Have a Plan: before you contemplate moving always ensure that you have a plan. This enables you to move seamlessly without any hitches. Arranging items beforehand so that you can have a clear picture on what you need when moving.

• Have enough Packing Supplies: it is advisable that you procure enough packing materials so that when you get down to packing you are not distracted half way through trying to get more packing supplies. Moving companies offer these materials but you can choose to buy them yourself.

• If you have electronic equipment’s, make sure that you get a certified technician to disassemble it and pack it. When you reach your final destination get a technician assemble the equipment. By doing this you minimize the risk of bad connections and short circuiting of the equipment.

• Categorize each item: always make sure that you categorize each item according to the different room or functionality. This helps minimize the time needed when unpacking your belongings.

• Be systematic when packing: Start packing according to the different rooms. If you have begun packing items in the kitchen, then complete packing them before you move on to the next room. This also helps in minimizing time wastage and confusion.

• Label each box clearly: Labeling your boxes clearly enables you to save time as the movers will take the boxes directly to the correct room. Labelling also helps you know the contents in the box and thus, you waste little time digging through your belongings trying to locate a particular item.

• Do research on moving companies: if you feel that the move is overwhelming, you can contact a moving company to assist you make the move. Researching different moving companies allows you to get a snap preview of the services being offered. It will also help you compare the different rates offered by each company. Remember to always choose an experienced company rather than a moving company with the cheapest rate. An experienced moving company such as Woodlands Affordable Movers, has served residents for a longer period of time and thus have references. Experienced Moving companies offers services which are reliable; they have put in place measures to ensure that clients receive the best services.

• Inform utility companies about your intended move: before the moving date make sure that you inform your utility company that you are planning to move on a certain date. You do not want to move and yet receive utility bills from your previous residence.

• Create an inventory list: when organizing your belongings, ensure that you write down items in your possession. Moving companies will also create their inventory list and you can use your personal list to countercheck what the moving company provides to you. An inventory list also helps minimize loss of belongings and gives you a snap preview of everything being transported by a moving company.

• Moving Supplies to purchase
1. Bubble Wrap.
2. Boxes.
3. Markers.